Victoria 2 connects Thistle 2 with the staircase leading to the main foyer, and is know for being the most random hallway in the school.

What goes on here:

Victoria 2 is one of the only hallways with so many hippies, preppy grade 10's, and some of the less influential gamers will be seen here. along with the vast majority of Dartmouth High's homo community.

Lunch is when this hallway really gets retarded, except on Wednesday when the homos have their meeting. Along with the music that is played by some of The Alcovians, you will also hear the screams of The Story Teller, a known fag who still doesn't realize that nobody gives a shit what he does. This hallway is never boring, especially when Lee brings out his violin and plays everyone a tune while begging for change like a penniless hobo. This hallway is also the personal art gallery of the more "artistic" of the schools students. The walls are covered in pieces of work, mostly by Justice J, and some other people who claim they have talent.

The mid-point of the hall, between the staircase and the Alcove, is where you will find a group of faggots and preps who prefer block the smooth flow of people through the hallway, and generally have no respect for any other members in the hall, usually just moving their legs a small amount to allow others to pass.

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