This article is about the minorities of the school, and the general population of Nantucket 1 and 2

Basic Description of Behavior.

Some of the things these "people" do are described in this section. Sometimes, right before the lunch bell of randomly throughout, you can occasionally hear them whooping and screaming down the hallway as a call to others of their kind that it is almost lunch, because we all know they can't read a clock, digital or analogue. Occasionally they yell into open doors, and knock on closed ones to try to disrupt the classes they walk by. Most of the time they just walk out of class whenever they feel the need to, most of the time without permission, they feel that if a teacher doesn't let them leave, that said teacher is being a "hater", and it usually results in the teacher sending them to the office. They never go to the office. While actually in class, they rarely do any work at all, preferring to talk loudly to one another and listen to shitty music, thus impeding the education of everyone else, which perpetuates the ignorance. They are also quite known for intruding on other classes to say hello to their friends, or "niggas" as they call them, this causes more disruption and the interruption of even more class time. This is especially prevalent in physical education courses, where they will come in, grab a basket ball, and shoot on the net, yelling "Kobe" and most of the time missing the shot. This begs the question, is Kobe Bryant really this bad at basketball? If he is, why is he a player in the NBA? These questions will never be answered because a complete translation of ghetto to English has yet to be developed due to the ever-changing nature of their "language".

This is one of the reasons segregation was possibly the best idea ever for the education system. Not based on race, but on intelligence. This should not be just for the rich who can afford to put their children in school that these bottom feeders could care less about, everyone should enjoy the benefits of segregation in schools.

I am not a racist.

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