A wild Afro on the prowl near Wendys.

The Afro, also known as just Afro and also Black, is noted for being one of the few black males of the school that is not affiliated with the stereotype of his kind.

His AfroEdit

Coveted by McBitch, and respected by many white people, The Afro's Afro is the centre of attention when he enters a room. It creates a gloriously blinding light that attracts the eyes of everyone in the surrounding area, and is known to make some women have an orgasm upon first glance. No one truly knows the power of his Afro, all we know of it, is that it holds within the cure to many diseases, such as gonorryphilis, super AIDS, and black-ignorance. If only we knew how to unlock these secrets, we could end wars, and bring an age of global prosperity upon the Earth.

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