Nantucket 1 is located near at the northwest most side of the first floor in the school.

Proximity to the Library

Having the ghetto near the library of the school makes little to no sense. You'd think that the most ignorant of the population would want to be the farthest away from the main source of information. Although, one thought behind their choice to locate their horrible axe-stank and shitty music in this hallway is that it is the closest to their beloved local KFC restaurant.

Also in Nantucket 1 is the "New Gym", although not much about it justifies that name. It has creeky floorboards, and is a beloved hangout for the The Gangsters. Everyday, during the usual gym classes, they will come into the New Gym, and play the only sport they know, basketball. Usually, it will start with one black male coming through the doors once the sound of a basketball hitting the floor is heard, and the numbers will slowly increase as the rest of the Nantucket 1 population hears the fateful words "Kobeee...!"

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