Matt met Alex during a Sunday which is Alex's Speed dating day, in which he tells other men the size of his penis in hopes he might come across another gay man, during the a sudden switch in conversations due to Alex's poor internet connection, did he come across Matt, who was also in pursuit for male companionship. The two hit it off and were overjoyed when they learned they were lived in the same area.

The Start of something New

A boyfriend opened new worlds for Alex, both sexually and... Sexually. His life would be filled with weekends in the country side, only his bucktoothed man-wife Matt and their comfortable tent. Together they would experience a new kind of love, buttsecks and more buttsecks. To put more emphasis on the disgust we endure everyday by seeing Matt, we'll describe a little about him, as stated above, he has buckteeth, due to his teeth being smashed in by Alex's dick, don't believe his story that he has seizures, for that is obviously a cover-up, for the more disturbing truth. Due to all the deep throating Matt does, his voice is severely messed up, because of this he cannot pronounce words us normals can. Unfortunately, for those who are retarded, and curious, the only way to hear clearly what he is saying is to participate in these easy Steps:

1. Have a black dude's dick shoved in your ears.

2. Smash your head on a brick wall.

3. Trials of the Gay Man

4. ????


After these steps are complete, you should have plunged deep enough to understand Matt's queered up voice, but be warned, there is no coming back from this state, you are tainted and therefore incomplete as a human being.

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