Tall Man, standing at 6'3", and shoulder-length curly brown hair, is one creepy mother fucker, seen around the school wearing dark clothing and scaring some of the more vulnerable grade tens. His long, greasy, and uncut hair is a nest for such creatures as lice, cockroaches, and mice which contribute to his horrible smell by defecating everywhere. He is known to only have a single shower every week, hence his terrible body odour and deodorant stank. He has rancid breath due to the fact that he never fucking cleans them, ever.


Tall Man likes to listen to the shittiest of 90's music, grunge. His love of the band Nirvana has been displayed by the sight of him orgasming at the sight of a limited edition signed copy of their album Nevermind. His shitty taste in music also stretches as far back as the 30's and 40's (beyond, counting the various instrumentals) with the Fallout 3 soundtrack. He plays these songs at full blast in classes such as Art, distracting some of the more productive students who tell him to turn it down while blithering on about the environment and sexuality. It is predicted that Tall Man will be deaf by the time he supposedly enters university because of the amount of shit that has built up from the songs he listens to. Tall Man generally looks for music that consists of the sounds of a dumpster being caressed by a drill, preferring to play it around his friends in the hope that they will adopt it as their favourite type of music in an attempt to spread the shit around. More recently, Rise Against has been added to his repertoire, making it much shittier that just Nirvana and some songs from the 60's.


While not a newfag by definition, Tall Man tries to use his skill of pissing people off to troll various people and group on the internet. While a few victories have been won, it is only due to the massive posting of zippocat and various other pictures likely to offend people. He has attempted at trolling in more subtle ways, and has failed miserably, being shot down before he could even start.

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