Minor demographic in the main population of both Nantucket 1 and Nantucket 2. More so of Nantucket 1, than Nantucket 2, where the true straight up gangsta's lockers reside.

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As you can clearly see, these kids are the coolest! They are true P.I.M.P.S, or also known as Proud Ignorant Men Pumping Sacks.

One day Wonder Native aspires to be just like one of them, and we all believe he will always be part of them.

The Sewage LivesEdit

View of the ghetto

Home to the many negroids that populate Nantucket 1 and Nantucket 2

The many ghettos scattered around the city literally breed the ignorance seen in the school. This ignorance passes to the more normal people, mainly white, and it corrupts them, turning them in the only thing worse than gangstas: Wiggers. This not so rare species is often seen doing some of the same things that the gangstas do: Yelling random shit throughout the halls during class, leaving randomly, entering classes that are in session, and being generally incapable of reasoning, easily resorting to violence.

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